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Wholesale is a special program of, which is customized for bulk orders.

The definition of bulk orders at

  1. When you buy more than five pieces (5 pieces included) of one product, or
  2. When you buy more than ten pieces items and more than two pieces (2 pieces included) of each product

For example, when you buy
5 pieces of product A, or
2 pieces of product A + 2 pieces of product B + 2 pieces of product C + 4 pieces of product D

The wholesale price can be up to 70% discount off (against retail price). Why we can give you up to 70% discount on the bulk orders:
The processing cost is one of the biggest costs for the custom-made products, but the processing cost for one piece and the processing cost for ten pieces of the same product may be almost the same, so we can give you up to 50% discount on the bulk orders.

You can contact us for a wholesale price using the following contact form or send us an E-Mail to [email protected], thank you!